Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

If you run with the theory that all living things are made up of energy and frequency then it stands to reason that some of the time there will be an interference of that energy when interacting with other people. This can feel like you are being drained of your life force when you are with certain people, at other times you may feel recharged in the company of humans, animals or nature. The energetic life force that surrounds you (aura) is sensitive to other people’s vibration or feelings.

When someone steps into your energy field your frequency will either blend or repel that energy, you may feel the need to step away from the person if you have a negative response. Sending positive energy to

someone who is not responsive or wanting your good vibe will only serve to deplete your energy, my advice would be, save it for those that need and want it.

Some people or places can work on a different energy wave and when we are in the presence of such a frequency it can distort the energy of the aura and in extreme case make us feel unwell. Some people have a natural energy defence, while others create it by visualising light or other types of psychic protection around them., Einstein’s theory shows that everything can be broken down to pure energy, everything that exists is a result of energy, it is just vibrating at different frequencies, looking at this from a spiritual perspective if prayer can heal and absent healing can be felt by the person receiving the energy, simply by sending the intention; it would also be possible to feel the negative influence of energy. If a negative thought is slower and denser it would be possible to put up a psychic shield to deflect or neutralise the effects by raising or altering your own vibrational code. In other words by refining your aura you can create your own unique form of psychic shield.  Your thoughts and beliefs will respond at a cellular and particle level, this will translate into the physical world or law of attraction, many experiments with water crystals have concluded that positive thoughts and words can change the molecular structure of the crystal, if we can do that to water crystals, we can also change body frequency to a clearer and finer vibration, this will be felt by other people. Our thoughts are powerful; we can choose to use them positively and productively, from this observation point our vibration becomes stronger and clearer, we move through the necessity to keep protecting ourselves as our spiritual body will hold a higher frequency.

Our chakra system or energy wheels can act like a vortex when they are not balanced can cause the subtle energy of the body to become disturbed and sensitive people can feel this in others. All our thoughts and intentions will have an effect on the subtle energies of the body and also in the physical world, as we interact with other people and animals they will detect this energy and react accordingly. If you are starting your spiritual journey it is always advisable to be aware of your feelings or intuition, if you are in a new place or with people you have just met trust the way you feel, you will instinctively know if it is safe for you.

When entering any type of spiritual, holistic and healing work I would suggest putting up your own type of protection, even on a day-to-day basis it can help protect you from other people’s negative influences. There is nothing to be afraid of with psychic or intuitive work, like attracts like, so a positive attitude will attract more of the same. If you feel you are under psychic attack, keep changing your frequency until it resonates at a higher level, check your thought process, maybe change what you eat or drink as this can clear the auric field, above all keep it real, we live in the mundane world and should apply sensible judgements about our situations.

Dissolving Promises and Pledges

paula_2014_psychic copy

Most of us at some point have made promises and pledges, we make them without really understanding the implications of what is actually happening energetically, at the extreme, the declaration may follow us down the genetic line and interfere with our present day lives, locking us into people and situations that we have little or no understanding of in our conscious mind. For example you might have promised your family to do well at school and study hard, the reality as an adult is completely different, you experience anxiety for not achieving at work because your mind is in conflict with a past promise locked in your sub conscious energy and this is causing conflict in your present timeline.Your inner conflict propels you into a world of work and competitiveness although you know this is not what you want in your current job, but the pledge program running in your memory will not let you forget what the adult version of yourself has long forgotten.

We also make pledges in our past lifetimes, a dying man on a battlefield may make a pledge never to leave his dying companion again, this type of energy pledge can be very harmful in a present day lifetime, tying two souls together in a commitment neither wish to relive. The one making the pledge will hold a great responsibility for the other person even at the detriment of themselves, the other may feel trapped or stuck. I recently helped a married couple, they came to see me after several attempts of reconciliation failed.

We worked on past pledges from previous lifetimes each one had shared together and found an old program running in the couples energy field. The problem started when the husband received a promotion to work in India, his wife went into meltdown, causing several arguments and dramas to prevent him from taking up the position abroad, the relationship hit an all time low when suicide was threatened, the pressure was so intense the husband turned down the job and resentment caused the relationship to fall apart.

We worked through the timelines and was able to establish a pact they had made as children in the 1800s, the husband and wife were siblings in that lifetime, the sister, now the wife in this timeline  had watched her brother, her husband in this life being taken away by strangers that came to their family farm on the pretence that they needed food and shelter, sensing something was terribly wrong, the brother and sister made a pact to stay together no matter what happened the next day, sadly the brother was taken as the sister and mother stood by and watched, a feeling of deep sadness and helplessness came over her and she lived out the rest of her life never knowing what became of him. They understood that the pact they had made in that lifetime was still running and disrupting an otherwise happy marriage, we dissolved and uncreated the pact. I am happy to report the couple have resolved their separation issues and when her husband needs to travel the feeling of dread and sadness are no longer a problem.

It is important to remove and clear all contracts made in this way, by removing old promises, pledges, pacts, curses and commitments we can start afresh, you can gain more freedom of choice. Old patterns will be broken and you will have more control over what you manifest into your present day reality.

Anger, judgement, revenge all hold an energetic vibration, this causes self-destructive behaviour and forms unhealthy allegiances to people and places.

Old marriage vows, childhood promises, religious commitments, curses, deathbed commitments all cause energetic blockages and hold you in a vibrational prison you may not be aware of.

Here are some sentences that can cause spiritual blockages and energy lock-downs

Mark my words I will get my own back on you

I promise to always love you no matter what

I will never leave your side, I promise

To death do us part

I swear to god

I will never let you go, ever

I will love you to eternity

You will never get a penny from me, I swear.

These are just a small example of how our words can keep us in a particular drama,experience or hold us to a person or place.

If  you NULLIFY and VOID all contracts you take back your sovereignty and freedom and declare yourself fully free and released from any and all such contracts made in this reality, past life, off world and in any dimension.

Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness

cosmic_eye_medium_highWe live in strange times, the human race is being bombarded with negative timelines, false flags and ever-increasing catastrophes.On the agenda are financial collapses, pandemics, population control, celebrity worship and a multitude of media stories to add to the fear vibration we already have succumbed too. The disturbing outcome to this programming is the duality consciousness, it is prevalent in modern society. Service to self and lack of empathy to other sentient beings all serve the agenda for global control. If we are to believe the present timeline construct we are heading for spiritual annihilation. These dense frequencies serve the matrix elite well and the human race is in a constant vibrational prison. A dark filter has been placed upon our reality to create duality, separation and master and slave mentality.

The Good News

Human beings are now opening to the cosmic wave of unity consciousness, this is not some new age matrix insert but a real collective energy emanating in the planetary consciousness. We are able to change our predicted catastrophe to a positive timeline, enlightened status. We have forgotten the joy of being connected to source and all its creations, when we commit to global heart coherence we change the outcome and transcend the negative human programs. As a collective we are now seeing the shift and exploitation of the earths resources, animal and mineral world. We no longer trust the media and question the insanity in which celebrity status overrides reality such as poverty, child slavery and animal abuse.

We are all able to make the shift, at first it will seem difficult, friends and family will not understand your new awakened reality, but subtle changes within you can connect you with matching frequencies and synchronicity .

Moving Forward

As a collective species we need to ensure the survival or our planet for future generations, not as an enslaved race but as a united consciousness. To achieve this we need to implement a new energy system, recognise that all animals have rights to a pain and cruelty free life, truth and disclosure from world governments, money and bank changes that supports everyone not just the elite, ban on war, education for everyone, access to extraterrestrial technologies. This all seems impossible in this timeline but we can all change the outcome by manifesting a collective unity consciousness, it starts with an individual and becomes a collective energy as new thoughts are created, the wave creates changes within the hologram and a positive future is constructed within the matrix framework. Separation in an illusion, it was created and designed to keep your mind and body in an energy prison, the bars are not real and you are not aware of being enslaved, the key is vibration and frequency, you are the key holder all you need to do is make the shift and set yourself free.

Clearing & Understanding Past Lives

During the time of our ancient civilisations the earth vibrated at a higher frequency, when a soul departed from our planet it was able to depart our atmosphere and travel to the chosen dimension. The soul was clear of the karmic trap and left earth without getting caught in the reincarnation loop. The soul was able at that point in earths history to decide its own fate and if it was connected to the earth vibration, which was considerably different to the one we experience now, the consciousness of the soul could decide to reincarnate, if it wanted to experience the physical body again.

I do not believe in karma, I do believe in energy, we are co-creators of our own destiny and create the experiences and vibrational matches we manifest with thoughts and deeds.

When our world was hijacked and mankind was subjected to DNA manipulation it interrupted the energy codes around our planet. A series of holodecks were created to disrupt the soul from exiting this dimension. These vibrational holding bays keep the soul in a perpetual birth, death and birth cycle.

Many studies have been conducted on near death experiences, almost all recount a white light or tunnel, depending on the personal belief system, each will have had some profound spiritual encounter, this is just another hologram within the framework of the artificial energy field that surrounds earth.

The energetic  layers that surround our planet are fear, religion, astral and artificial energy grids.

They serve to keep humans in a perpetual cycle or reincarnation. Awareness and higher states of consciousness can remove and clear these frequencies, everything is energy, we are capable of removing the low vibrations. We need to clear our bodies, our past life memory highways, our planet and connect to all living beings, we have become toxic with fear and lack of empathy.

Many people on the planet today have had memories of past lives, some have experienced this as soul to body, this is where we experience the past events as real and tangible, scars may show on the body where a past life trauma has occurred. Others may experience fragmented DNA past lives, this occurs when we bring a collective memory through our DNA echo. An event or stressful situation can activate the memory, this is a collective heritage memory and not a past life that the individual may have experienced. It is a shared heritage memory imprinted on our information highways in the body / mind processor.

It is important to clear and resolve these memories as they hold down the higher frequencies in the body and pass down through each generation, although the memories maybe diluted it is still an echo in the subtle energy body. Other people can pick up these frequencies and hook into your energy, this serves to hold you to a particular vibration and this can result in soul trauma.

When the physical body passes the soul can become trapped by the fragments of these memories  and hold onto the earth realm believing them to be real rather than imprints passed down from generations.

A recent example of this came from a client of mine, she was experiencing chronic acne, everything from drugs to a drastic change of diet did little to diminish the symptoms. We tried our first session of QHEH  a therapy that allows the person access to the heritage memory or echo, she quickly went to a memory of native American indians, her forefathers were subjected to the smallpox disease, the anger and resentment was stored within the DNA memory, this was the original  carbon copy and over the years the copy became fainter although the original carbon memory was present with the DNA information. We began resolving and clearing the energy imprint, I explained to my client that the smallpox had imprinted a cellular memory and a recent trauma had activated it within the body as acne instead of the original small pox virus.Once it had been recognised within three months her acne had cleared. The smallpox was the original imprint, over time and generations this had become an echo and translated into acne with her body, once the mind and body perception had accessed the original embedded memory healing could occur on all levels.

As a species we need to evolve, to be in harmony with our body, mind and soul, we have to develop a deeper empathy with all living things. When we understand and wake up, the prison door will be opened, a golden age of humanity will be available. The timeline is now!baby-ready-for-reincarnation

The Art of Perception

Living A quantum Life


The world we live in today dictates we live in a certain way, we are led to believe that happiness in an outside event instead of an internal feeling, as children we are told to achieve above anything else, we grade success on this formula. Rarely are we taught the art of gratitude and acceptance, we teach competitiveness in sport, body image, grades and all manner of other things, this leaves many people feeling unsatisfied and empty.

I am not saying that we should not strive to do well but this should just be a small part of the whole picture for our collective wellbeing. Our present state of mind is a collective of all the emotions we have stored and filed away, if our early years were particular difficult we pull the file and begin to create circumstance that are in line with these beliefs about ourselves. Even in the womb we start to download cellular memory from our mothers, if the mother had fear and anxiety the unborn child will absorb the emotions, when we are adults we can create a set of life events and trigger the fear and anxiety that is stored within us, this is the body trying to heal itself before it manifests as an illness.
We look for answers and feel there is no reason for these fears to surface as our childhood was good, but in your cellular memory are the inherited fears from your mother, once this has been explored the emotions can be released, this changes the frequency of the person and changes their life experiences. The original imprint has been removed and a new file has been created.

These early teachings sit in our subconscious mind and play out in our everyday lives, we may feel that our work is not recognised by our boss or our partners take us for granted, these programs will constantly play out until we begin to understand the origin of such inner beliefs. If we do not address these problems they eventually become illness within the body as a signal to deal with past issues.
I have often heard people say when I get more money, bigger house etc I will be happy, but when they do it is not enough, the search for the elusive happiness and fulfilment feeling goes on.

Two words that can transform this soul searching are acceptance and joy, we cannot expect to go around smiling like idiots all the time saying how happy we feel, we live in real time, a world where we have to pay bills, feed our children etc, this puts pressure on our mind and body. If the answer to all our problems was money then celebrities would not be in rehab, divorce courts or on anti depressants.

Changing the way we see problems and our perception of each situation is the key to inner peace, everyone experiences difficult times, we don’t have to pile more pressure on ourselves by trying to be at the top, what we can do is understand our role in each situation and know that success comes form each and every journey we have made so far. The very fact you have survived difficult times shows how successful you are.
Acceptance goes a long way to finding some inner peace, knowing your own limitations, for example if you are struggling to hold down a job, run a home and look after children, but part of you feels you are a failure if you admit you can not cope, first accept this within yourself, next find a solution, you could hire a cleaner or tell your company you need to change your hours, once you take the pressure off your mind you create a set of circumstances that are harmonious to your life plan. So how does joy enter the equation if you are running about like a headless chicken I hear you say, ok lets simplify this.

.Find the emotion trigger or repeat life pattern/ a good therapist or holistic practitioner can help.
.Take control, after all it is your life and choices
.Find a solution, Yes there is aways a solution.
.Know you limitations You are not superman or wonder women (yet)
.Ask for help, something many find difficult
.Learn from it, what is achievable and what is not doable at this point in time.
.What lesson can you take from this experience

Once you understand the process and how this became your reality, the solution will give you opportunity to find the joy, you begin to enjoy your work or look for something that will fulfil you more, you enjoy coming home, you get less stressed with your children because you have created more time and space. From that moment on you begin to feel a new zest for life, you begin to understand that everything is an accumulation of how you have dealt and perceived things, everything can be changed by the way we perceive life. How we see life events is the key, if we change our perception of failure and see it as a chance to grow and learn you change something from within, the universe responds with synchronicities. When we let go of the fear of failure we set ourselves free, we gift our soul the freedom of choice rather than the expectations on what others want for us.

Today gift your soul wings to fly.

The Evolution or Revolution


The human body is a finely tuned biological star system; our DNA is a form of encrypted coding that at certain times in our development releases the information contained within itself. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic Acid.The human being is evolving and some of our DNA is mapped and read by scientists. Our DNA contains genetic material about our health, our pre-disposition to illness, colour of eyes, etc.; it is the blueprint for all living things and has the ability to replicate itself, these codes and sequences are the building blocks of life on earth. A recent discovery has identified children with a 3 strand DNA, this is the human mutating either by bio engineering or natural process.


Non-coding DNA or junk DNA could contain ancestral, alien or psychic information; Russian scientists are already working on this theory. Although we are able to know about experiments on the human genome and DNA we are given limited information about this subject, as many more are conducted in secret. Our bodies are a living and breathing biological computer system, everything within it is a waveform and frequency connecting it all together. Each cell within your body has its own intelligence and will give other cells information, each relying on the other for good health and optimum energy, when things go wrong we get dis-ease in the body. Our brain is a powerful processor we can literally think ourselves sick, emotions like envy, hatred, worry, fear, jealousy and anger can have a detrimental effect on the body. Symptoms will flag up when we have an overload of these feelings. The body is only responding to the electrical signals from the brain, each layer will hold the frequency of the emotion. Bone, muscle, cell and nerve will create a signature that needs to be addressed. As we advance in medicine and eliminate hereditary illness, cure cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s and cancers  we are mutating into a new species, these challenges are necessary for humans to stay connected to their environment and other living things. 


In other words by correcting the DNA and making the perfect human are we creating a robotic form of ourselves, as Nano technology, synthetic and artificial technologies are used within the human form( Look up Morgellons disease) are we in danger of losing our individuality and connection to consciousness. The alternative human being may look far removed from what we see today, we are heading towards a human interface connected to the world wide net via microchips. Some may argue that this has the potential to greatly improve the human condition, a world where we are self-programming and self-defining, evolving to a super being. There are  lessons from our history that have shown misuse of power and censorship, with advancements in human development this could be manipulated by the elite for total control over our emotions, freedom and knowledge. If we allow this suppression and ownership of our DNA  the human race will head towards slavery and destruction. Imagine a world where you were connected to a global central computer, this has the potential to control every emotion and action you are ever likely to have, as each generation integrates into the mainframe very little of human consciousness would be remembered, this would in turn disconnect you from earth and the living vibrations around you, unless of course it was programmed into your psyche. The alternative human has nothing to do with empathy, intuition and advancement; we are rapidly heading towards a system of control and order, we are meant to spiritually evolve, we were designed to be free thinkers and not connected to the hive mentality. Within our DNA is the hidden knowledge, we have the ability to heal, create the world we wish to live in, it contains knowledge that we have forgotten, we do not need to be rigged to a computer to find our greatness. I hope the alternative human is one of compassion and love for the earth and living things, to be part of the world and still maintain our uniqueness.


The Essene Mirrors

magic-mirror-lwp-9-2dreams-mirror The Essene Mirrors

The world we see outside of ourselves is merely an illusion; it is just a reflection of the reality we have created with our words and thoughts.
Have you ever wondered what the universe is trying to convey to you, maybe the people you meet are behaving badly or you are attracting a set of circumstances that you are not comfortable with. All that is happening is a reflection of you inner world, mirroring back to you what needs to be addressed or changed. What we are doing is manifesting a set of circumstance to us by the way we feel or think. The seven Essene mirrors is a way of understanding how the process works, it is a process of healing and empowerment.

The First mirror shows my presence in the moment… what we reflect by others in the moment. What we are radiating in the moment. Whatever is within us in the present moment is reflecting back at us.
The Second Mirror reflects back to us that which we judge. It is something we have been wounded by and have an emotional charge on. It can be something we have done in the past that we have not forgiven. It is good to discern however that when we condemn another with an emotional charge we are most likely judging ourselves.
The second mirror is more difficult to understand as most people find it difficult to see these emotions within themselves, we often think we have forgiven people and situations, when in fact they have become the very fabric of our being.
The Third Mirror reflects back to us something we have lost, given away or had taken away. When we see something we love in another it is often something we have lost, given away or that has been stolen within our own lives. Every relationship is a relationship with self and often we try to reclaim what we lost, gave away or had taken away as a child. All of which can be reclaimed within self.
When we give away our power to another person, we suffer a form of soul loss, without realising we send out a subtle frequency that others can feel, if they are experiencing the same energy loss, you will attract the same pattern of behaviour back to you.
The Fourth Mirror reflects back to us our most forgotten love. This could be a way of life, or a lost or unfinished relationship. Often it is a past life where a wrong conclusion from a past experience was created. These will recreate themselves over and over and over again until the conclusion is registered in the soul as wisdom.

This is the most difficult to come to terms with as we all have made these sort of choices in our life, to leave someone, a place or much loved home, the pain of such a decision will imprint upon the soul or body hologram, once the lesson has been recognised you no longer attract these circumstances to you.

The Fifth Mirror reflects back Father/Mother. It is often said that we marry our father or mother. We also often become them acting out both healthy and unhealthy patterns we learned as a child. Our father and mother are often like Gods to us and so we will often reflect aspects of our relationship with them onto our partners. We often choose our partners based on our relationship with our parents.

The Sixth Mirror reflects back to us the Quest for Darkness or what is often referred to as a dark night of the soul. This is when we meet our greatest challenges, our greatest fears, and have been gathering the tools from life to confront and deal with them. The most important thing to remember is that our soul is giving us these opportunities to grow and evolve and that we are not victims.
If we see these as points of personal growth and from a perspective of soul advancement, they do not need to be feared; it is just passing through our life, asking us to seek answers from within rather than relying on others for answers.
The Seventh Mirror reflects back to us our self-perception. Others will perceive and treat us according to how we perceive and treat ourselves. If we have a low self-esteem and do not acknowledge our wisdom and beauty, others will not acknowledge them. If we are angry, bitter and unloving to others, they in turn will often react in the same way towards us. If we change our perception of ourselves, we change the world. Maybe it is time to be kind, loving and compassionate to ourselves and others.

We are infinite consciousness, everything we are is reflected in our outer world, we will always attract the lessons that are of most value to us as human beings, when we move away from the fear and start to radiate from the heart our outer world will change to resonate with that energy, healing on all levels occurs.
Paula will be talking and teaching these principles in workshops in the coming months.

The Cosmic Heart


The cosmic heart is often referred to as the BREATH and the ancient Egyptians believed the cosmic heart to be the mind. We are beginning to understand the connection to our physical heart and the cosmos, the heart has a unique frequency which is more powerful than the mind, the heart has its own intelligence and this is what our ancestors were referring to when they described the heart as the mind. When we are at one with all living things it is said to align us with the universal consciousness, this is the god like state often referenced in religious text and teachings. This is the connection between heaven (consciousness) and the earth realm. Your heart is more than just a muscle pumping blood through your body, it has its own frequency, and it holds the key to transformation and ascension, personally and planetary. When we master this inner transformation we radiate out from our heart and into the cosmic energy field, this is where freedom, bliss, joy and acceptance takes place. The human heart is a powerful transmitter; it is one of the first organs to develop in the body, it regulates the chemistry to the rest of the body.
The cosmic heart is the beat of the universe, the connection between all realms and dimensions; it is the harmonic nature of all things. The earth is part of a much greater cosmic computer, resonating with its own vibration and frequency. Humans have lost touch with the sacred energy and earth resonance and many have no empathy with life at all, we are all privileged to be living in these amazing times as each one of us has a responsibility to bring back and anchor light energy to the earth realms.
Conflict, war, greed and fear separate us and disconnect our own heart energy, these are all frequencies and when we shift our perceptions we attune our heart frequency back to the cosmic awareness. One simple exercise to feel this new energy is to connect to your heart, think of someone or a situation you thought you had dealt with or forgiven, if the feeling or thought makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, resentful or tight in the stomach then you have not released the emotion, this will keep you in a lower frequency range and effect the heart resonance. Once these feelings have been cleared your physical heart will align itself to the cosmic heart and healing of the mind, body and soul is activated.
A time of great awakening is here, we just have to remember who we are and our infinite possibilities, a new adventure awaits you………………….