The Cosmic Heart


The cosmic heart is often referred to as the BREATH and the ancient Egyptians believed the cosmic heart to be the mind. We are beginning to understand the connection to our physical heart and the cosmos, the heart has a unique frequency which is more powerful than the mind, the heart has its own intelligence and this is what our ancestors were referring to when they described the heart as the mind. When we are at one with all living things it is said to align us with the universal consciousness, this is the god like state often referenced in religious text and teachings. This is the connection between heaven (consciousness) and the earth realm. Your heart is more than just a muscle pumping blood through your body, it has its own frequency, and it holds the key to transformation and ascension, personally and planetary. When we master this inner transformation we radiate out from our heart and into the cosmic energy field, this is where freedom, bliss, joy and acceptance takes place. The human heart is a powerful transmitter; it is one of the first organs to develop in the body, it regulates the chemistry to the rest of the body.
The cosmic heart is the beat of the universe, the connection between all realms and dimensions; it is the harmonic nature of all things. The earth is part of a much greater cosmic computer, resonating with its own vibration and frequency. Humans have lost touch with the sacred energy and earth resonance and many have no empathy with life at all, we are all privileged to be living in these amazing times as each one of us has a responsibility to bring back and anchor light energy to the earth realms.
Conflict, war, greed and fear separate us and disconnect our own heart energy, these are all frequencies and when we shift our perceptions we attune our heart frequency back to the cosmic awareness. One simple exercise to feel this new energy is to connect to your heart, think of someone or a situation you thought you had dealt with or forgiven, if the feeling or thought makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, resentful or tight in the stomach then you have not released the emotion, this will keep you in a lower frequency range and effect the heart resonance. Once these feelings have been cleared your physical heart will align itself to the cosmic heart and healing of the mind, body and soul is activated.
A time of great awakening is here, we just have to remember who we are and our infinite possibilities, a new adventure awaits you………………….