The Evolution or Revolution


The human body is a finely tuned biological star system; our DNA is a form of encrypted coding that at certain times in our development releases the information contained within itself. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic Acid.The human being is evolving and some of our DNA is mapped and read by scientists. Our DNA contains genetic material about our health, our pre-disposition to illness, colour of eyes, etc.; it is the blueprint for all living things and has the ability to replicate itself, these codes and sequences are the building blocks of life on earth. A recent discovery has identified children with a 3 strand DNA, this is the human mutating either by bio engineering or natural process.


Non-coding DNA or junk DNA could contain ancestral, alien or psychic information; Russian scientists are already working on this theory. Although we are able to know about experiments on the human genome and DNA we are given limited information about this subject, as many more are conducted in secret. Our bodies are a living and breathing biological computer system, everything within it is a waveform and frequency connecting it all together. Each cell within your body has its own intelligence and will give other cells information, each relying on the other for good health and optimum energy, when things go wrong we get dis-ease in the body. Our brain is a powerful processor we can literally think ourselves sick, emotions like envy, hatred, worry, fear, jealousy and anger can have a detrimental effect on the body. Symptoms will flag up when we have an overload of these feelings. The body is only responding to the electrical signals from the brain, each layer will hold the frequency of the emotion. Bone, muscle, cell and nerve will create a signature that needs to be addressed. As we advance in medicine and eliminate hereditary illness, cure cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s and cancers  we are mutating into a new species, these challenges are necessary for humans to stay connected to their environment and other living things. 


In other words by correcting the DNA and making the perfect human are we creating a robotic form of ourselves, as Nano technology, synthetic and artificial technologies are used within the human form( Look up Morgellons disease) are we in danger of losing our individuality and connection to consciousness. The alternative human being may look far removed from what we see today, we are heading towards a human interface connected to the world wide net via microchips. Some may argue that this has the potential to greatly improve the human condition, a world where we are self-programming and self-defining, evolving to a super being. There are  lessons from our history that have shown misuse of power and censorship, with advancements in human development this could be manipulated by the elite for total control over our emotions, freedom and knowledge. If we allow this suppression and ownership of our DNA  the human race will head towards slavery and destruction. Imagine a world where you were connected to a global central computer, this has the potential to control every emotion and action you are ever likely to have, as each generation integrates into the mainframe very little of human consciousness would be remembered, this would in turn disconnect you from earth and the living vibrations around you, unless of course it was programmed into your psyche. The alternative human has nothing to do with empathy, intuition and advancement; we are rapidly heading towards a system of control and order, we are meant to spiritually evolve, we were designed to be free thinkers and not connected to the hive mentality. Within our DNA is the hidden knowledge, we have the ability to heal, create the world we wish to live in, it contains knowledge that we have forgotten, we do not need to be rigged to a computer to find our greatness. I hope the alternative human is one of compassion and love for the earth and living things, to be part of the world and still maintain our uniqueness.



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