The Art of Perception

Living A quantum Life


The world we live in today dictates we live in a certain way, we are led to believe that happiness in an outside event instead of an internal feeling, as children we are told to achieve above anything else, we grade success on this formula. Rarely are we taught the art of gratitude and acceptance, we teach competitiveness in sport, body image, grades and all manner of other things, this leaves many people feeling unsatisfied and empty.

I am not saying that we should not strive to do well but this should just be a small part of the whole picture for our collective wellbeing. Our present state of mind is a collective of all the emotions we have stored and filed away, if our early years were particular difficult we pull the file and begin to create circumstance that are in line with these beliefs about ourselves. Even in the womb we start to download cellular memory from our mothers, if the mother had fear and anxiety the unborn child will absorb the emotions, when we are adults we can create a set of life events and trigger the fear and anxiety that is stored within us, this is the body trying to heal itself before it manifests as an illness.
We look for answers and feel there is no reason for these fears to surface as our childhood was good, but in your cellular memory are the inherited fears from your mother, once this has been explored the emotions can be released, this changes the frequency of the person and changes their life experiences. The original imprint has been removed and a new file has been created.

These early teachings sit in our subconscious mind and play out in our everyday lives, we may feel that our work is not recognised by our boss or our partners take us for granted, these programs will constantly play out until we begin to understand the origin of such inner beliefs. If we do not address these problems they eventually become illness within the body as a signal to deal with past issues.
I have often heard people say when I get more money, bigger house etc I will be happy, but when they do it is not enough, the search for the elusive happiness and fulfilment feeling goes on.

Two words that can transform this soul searching are acceptance and joy, we cannot expect to go around smiling like idiots all the time saying how happy we feel, we live in real time, a world where we have to pay bills, feed our children etc, this puts pressure on our mind and body. If the answer to all our problems was money then celebrities would not be in rehab, divorce courts or on anti depressants.

Changing the way we see problems and our perception of each situation is the key to inner peace, everyone experiences difficult times, we don’t have to pile more pressure on ourselves by trying to be at the top, what we can do is understand our role in each situation and know that success comes form each and every journey we have made so far. The very fact you have survived difficult times shows how successful you are.
Acceptance goes a long way to finding some inner peace, knowing your own limitations, for example if you are struggling to hold down a job, run a home and look after children, but part of you feels you are a failure if you admit you can not cope, first accept this within yourself, next find a solution, you could hire a cleaner or tell your company you need to change your hours, once you take the pressure off your mind you create a set of circumstances that are harmonious to your life plan. So how does joy enter the equation if you are running about like a headless chicken I hear you say, ok lets simplify this.

.Find the emotion trigger or repeat life pattern/ a good therapist or holistic practitioner can help.
.Take control, after all it is your life and choices
.Find a solution, Yes there is aways a solution.
.Know you limitations You are not superman or wonder women (yet)
.Ask for help, something many find difficult
.Learn from it, what is achievable and what is not doable at this point in time.
.What lesson can you take from this experience

Once you understand the process and how this became your reality, the solution will give you opportunity to find the joy, you begin to enjoy your work or look for something that will fulfil you more, you enjoy coming home, you get less stressed with your children because you have created more time and space. From that moment on you begin to feel a new zest for life, you begin to understand that everything is an accumulation of how you have dealt and perceived things, everything can be changed by the way we perceive life. How we see life events is the key, if we change our perception of failure and see it as a chance to grow and learn you change something from within, the universe responds with synchronicities. When we let go of the fear of failure we set ourselves free, we gift our soul the freedom of choice rather than the expectations on what others want for us.

Today gift your soul wings to fly.


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