Clearing & Understanding Past Lives

During the time of our ancient civilisations the earth vibrated at a higher frequency, when a soul departed from our planet it was able to depart our atmosphere and travel to the chosen dimension. The soul was clear of the karmic trap and left earth without getting caught in the reincarnation loop. The soul was able at that point in earths history to decide its own fate and if it was connected to the earth vibration, which was considerably different to the one we experience now, the consciousness of the soul could decide to reincarnate, if it wanted to experience the physical body again.

I do not believe in karma, I do believe in energy, we are co-creators of our own destiny and create the experiences and vibrational matches we manifest with thoughts and deeds.

When our world was hijacked and mankind was subjected to DNA manipulation it interrupted the energy codes around our planet. A series of holodecks were created to disrupt the soul from exiting this dimension. These vibrational holding bays keep the soul in a perpetual birth, death and birth cycle.

Many studies have been conducted on near death experiences, almost all recount a white light or tunnel, depending on the personal belief system, each will have had some profound spiritual encounter, this is just another hologram within the framework of the artificial energy field that surrounds earth.

The energetic  layers that surround our planet are fear, religion, astral and artificial energy grids.

They serve to keep humans in a perpetual cycle or reincarnation. Awareness and higher states of consciousness can remove and clear these frequencies, everything is energy, we are capable of removing the low vibrations. We need to clear our bodies, our past life memory highways, our planet and connect to all living beings, we have become toxic with fear and lack of empathy.

Many people on the planet today have had memories of past lives, some have experienced this as soul to body, this is where we experience the past events as real and tangible, scars may show on the body where a past life trauma has occurred. Others may experience fragmented DNA past lives, this occurs when we bring a collective memory through our DNA echo. An event or stressful situation can activate the memory, this is a collective heritage memory and not a past life that the individual may have experienced. It is a shared heritage memory imprinted on our information highways in the body / mind processor.

It is important to clear and resolve these memories as they hold down the higher frequencies in the body and pass down through each generation, although the memories maybe diluted it is still an echo in the subtle energy body. Other people can pick up these frequencies and hook into your energy, this serves to hold you to a particular vibration and this can result in soul trauma.

When the physical body passes the soul can become trapped by the fragments of these memories  and hold onto the earth realm believing them to be real rather than imprints passed down from generations.

A recent example of this came from a client of mine, she was experiencing chronic acne, everything from drugs to a drastic change of diet did little to diminish the symptoms. We tried our first session of QHEH  a therapy that allows the person access to the heritage memory or echo, she quickly went to a memory of native American indians, her forefathers were subjected to the smallpox disease, the anger and resentment was stored within the DNA memory, this was the original  carbon copy and over the years the copy became fainter although the original carbon memory was present with the DNA information. We began resolving and clearing the energy imprint, I explained to my client that the smallpox had imprinted a cellular memory and a recent trauma had activated it within the body as acne instead of the original small pox virus.Once it had been recognised within three months her acne had cleared. The smallpox was the original imprint, over time and generations this had become an echo and translated into acne with her body, once the mind and body perception had accessed the original embedded memory healing could occur on all levels.

As a species we need to evolve, to be in harmony with our body, mind and soul, we have to develop a deeper empathy with all living things. When we understand and wake up, the prison door will be opened, a golden age of humanity will be available. The timeline is now!baby-ready-for-reincarnation