Paula is currently studying metaphysics and quantum theories; Quantum theory is the study of probability or the belief that we can change an outcome by changing our thought pattern, I have incorporated this into my readings to help the client become the architect of their life rather than leaving it to fate to decide an outcome, some people feel powerless in their lives, quantum manifesting can help put the person in a more positive frame of mind.

Paula works with new spiritual technologies to bring healing to the physical, spiritual, holographic and subtle energy bodies.
Paula has had her phone readings tested for accuracy by magazine editors and the public; you can read more about this on her press release page. Paula has co-written a book with her husband about life with a psychic, it is available on kindle and in paperback “Living With A Psychic” will be available at Waterstones and independent bookshops shortly.

Paula is the creator of Concept readings and Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™, QHEH is now becoming a recognised healing modality both here and in the USA, She now works as a 5th dimensional teacher and her ebook ‘Living a Quantum Life’ will be available on Kindle in 2014.

Her work has been written about in The Sun newspaper, Fate and fortune magazine, Chat it Fate, Prediction Magazine, Ghost voices, Chat Magazine Special, The Feel Good magazine and The Goddess Guru magazine USA.



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