Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

If you run with the theory that all living things are made up of energy and frequency then it stands to reason that some of the time there will be an interference of that energy when interacting with other people. This can feel like you are being drained of your life force when you are with certain people, at other times you may feel recharged in the company of humans, animals or nature. The energetic life force that surrounds you (aura) is sensitive to other people’s vibration or feelings.

When someone steps into your energy field your frequency will either blend or repel that energy, you may feel the need to step away from the person if you have a negative response. Sending positive energy to

someone who is not responsive or wanting your good vibe will only serve to deplete your energy, my advice would be, save it for those that need and want it.

Some people or places can work on a different energy wave and when we are in the presence of such a frequency it can distort the energy of the aura and in extreme case make us feel unwell. Some people have a natural energy defence, while others create it by visualising light or other types of psychic protection around them., Einstein’s theory shows that everything can be broken down to pure energy, everything that exists is a result of energy, it is just vibrating at different frequencies, looking at this from a spiritual perspective if prayer can heal and absent healing can be felt by the person receiving the energy, simply by sending the intention; it would also be possible to feel the negative influence of energy. If a negative thought is slower and denser it would be possible to put up a psychic shield to deflect or neutralise the effects by raising or altering your own vibrational code. In other words by refining your aura you can create your own unique form of psychic shield.  Your thoughts and beliefs will respond at a cellular and particle level, this will translate into the physical world or law of attraction, many experiments with water crystals have concluded that positive thoughts and words can change the molecular structure of the crystal, if we can do that to water crystals, we can also change body frequency to a clearer and finer vibration, this will be felt by other people. Our thoughts are powerful; we can choose to use them positively and productively, from this observation point our vibration becomes stronger and clearer, we move through the necessity to keep protecting ourselves as our spiritual body will hold a higher frequency.

Our chakra system or energy wheels can act like a vortex when they are not balanced can cause the subtle energy of the body to become disturbed and sensitive people can feel this in others. All our thoughts and intentions will have an effect on the subtle energies of the body and also in the physical world, as we interact with other people and animals they will detect this energy and react accordingly. If you are starting your spiritual journey it is always advisable to be aware of your feelings or intuition, if you are in a new place or with people you have just met trust the way you feel, you will instinctively know if it is safe for you.

When entering any type of spiritual, holistic and healing work I would suggest putting up your own type of protection, even on a day-to-day basis it can help protect you from other people’s negative influences. There is nothing to be afraid of with psychic or intuitive work, like attracts like, so a positive attitude will attract more of the same. If you feel you are under psychic attack, keep changing your frequency until it resonates at a higher level, check your thought process, maybe change what you eat or drink as this can clear the auric field, above all keep it real, we live in the mundane world and should apply sensible judgements about our situations.